Atlanta Artist Alison Hamil


Alison Hamil’s creative spark began at an early age. As a child, she was constantly building, sculpting, making, and creating. She fondly remembers doing imaginative things like constructing a robot entirely out of recycled materials on a whim, and holding an art show at a pop-up gallery in her parents’ garage. Throughout her childhood, she won several art contests, and decided to be a cartoonist in fourth grade. That didn’t quite pan out, but she wasn’t far off.

In high school, Alison realized that she was the only student not using ceramics class as an excuse to slack off, so she decided to pursue formal training and a career in art. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Georgia State University with a concentration in Drawing and Painting in 2010. She also studied the art of graphic design while she was in school, and now specializes in bridging the gap between design, technology, and traditional drawing and painting.

Currently, Alison is a working artist in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She has a diverse body of work including murals, graphic design, and paintings in watercolor and acrylic. Most of her work incorporates bold colors, graphic patterns, and symmetry, combined with elements of painterly realism.

Alison has been awarded several scholarships, and was named Best Emerging Visual Artist in Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta 2013. Although she is based in Atlanta, she has painted murals in various places across the globe including Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Kefalonia, Greece, and several various towns throughout North Carolina. She has exhibited in the Georgia State Capitol, Kibbee Gallery, Mason Murer Gallery, Eyedrum, MOCA GA, and MINT Gallery, and she has been included in several art showcases in Atlanta, including the 2013-15 and 2017-18 Hambidge Art Auction and Performance Gala.

In addition to maintaining an ongoing studio practice, Alison works on both public and commercial-based art projects. She completed the Hatch Public Art Training Intensive with C4 Atlanta in 2017, and plans to combine what she’s learned with her passion for mural painting to delve further into the realm of community-based public art. In addition to continuing her pursuit of public mural projects, Alison’s current plans include a residency at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Buckhead, where she will focus on her studio practice and have her first solo show in the Fall of 2020.

Artist Statement

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My work is all about balance. I seek the happy place between business and pleasure, craft and technology, tradition and progress. Visually, my work resonates with a harmony between beauty and conception, and graphic and painterly, using organic elements juxtaposed with geometry, symmetry, and bright colors. Healing is a central theme in my work, as well as nature and its relationship to spirituality and the human body.

As a muralist, I value collaboration with my audience. I create work that not only expresses my own voice, but also speaks to the people who are going to live with it. I strive to reach average people with my work, encouraging a more widespread value for the arts. Quite simply, I aim to make the world a brighter, happier, and more beautiful place.