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We Are All Together

During the early weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown, the City of Brookhaven, Georgia commissioned me to paint a community mural encouraging neighborhood solidarity and optimism.

Working closely with Mayor John Ernst (pictured below), I designed the mural to reflect his vision of the phrase “We Are All Together" encircled by a stained glass pattern that was a popular children’s sidewalk chalk art trend during the pandemic.

The community mural is located alongside busy Peachtree Road, just north of the Brookhaven MARTA station and the City of Atlanta. It was painted without permission on a wall that is owned by MARTA and was only meant to be temporary. However, it was so well-received by the community that it still remains to this day.

The mural received local press coverage and great feedback on social media. Collaborating with local officials on this project was a very fulfilling experience for me. It jump-started my mission to use mural painting as a way to share inspiring messages with others and made me fall in love with public art.

Interested in working with me on a community mural project?