Between: Art Exhibition at Blue Heron Nature Preserve

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  • September 11, 2020
Project Description

Welcome to my virtual showing of ‘Between,’ a series of large abstract watercolors on display at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve from September 12 thru December 7, 2020. Use the left and right arrows to view the paintings and scroll through the images. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a gallery tour, and click here for a price list and more information about each piece.

Artist Statement:

The paintings in this series are an exploration of the 7 chakras, a spiritual concept originating in ancient India. The chakras, Sanskrit for ‘wheels’, are points of energy located up and down the spine, correlating with the major glands of the endocrine system. Each chakra has a corresponding color and meaning, and is part of the subtle energy body that lies ‘Between’ the physical and spiritual realms.

My interest in the chakras began while healing from a medical condition called “dysbiosis,” stemming from a microbial imbalance in the gut. This condition has wreaked havoc on my body and mind since my early 20’s. Healing requires very drastic dietary and lifestyle changes, which I began a little over 4 years ago once the condition became so severe that I was having trouble functioning in day-to-day life. To this day, I am still recovering, but my symptoms are now manageable as long as I adhere to a very strict diet.

In addition to diet and lifestyle, prioritizing my spirituality and relationship to the divine has played a major role in my recovery. Coping with this illness has certainly been a difficult path, but in this way has also been the greatest gift. Meditating on the chakras has helped me release much of the emotional pain and trauma that contributed to my condition in the first place.

I began working on these paintings during the most difficult phase of my healing in early 2018. They have since evolved with me throughout my healing, subsequent pregnancy, and birth of my daughter, and have become a symbol of recovery, light, and spiritual evolution.