Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

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  • February 14, 2019
Project Description

I was commissioned by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs to paint 3 benches and 2 tables in the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve in Southwest Atlanta for the annual Elevate Public Art Festival in the Fall of 2018. The designs feature several native species of wildlife that can be found in the Atlanta area such as a luna moth, red-spotted purple butterfly, and wildflowers including rhododendron, bloodroot, azalea, star chickweed, and smooth phlox.

This was a very challenging project! I had to carry all of my materials to and fro several yards back into the woods every day, and this was my first time painting on a horizontal surface in a public area. It was challenging to keep the surfaces clean and dry from day to day, from kids climbing on them and debris from the trees overhead, and very difficult to sketch and paint the designs. And I was 3 months pregnant!

The entire project was completed over a two-week time span. It was a true honor to add my art to another one of Atlanta’s nature preserves, and to be a part of the Elevate festival. I am very grateful to the City of Atlanta for their support of public art projects like this one!